About the P&C

The P&C supports the learning experience by:

  • providing a forum for parents to discuss educational matters;
  • promoting school interests;
  • encouraging co-operation and community involvement;
  • being a major fundraising body for the school;
  • gaining information from other organisations; and
  • advising the School Board (via parent member) of the view of the parent body on particular issues.

The P&C is governed by a Constitution which can be viewed here.

The P&C Committee

Being an Committee member in the P&C is a rewarding experience as you get to work closely with the Executive teaching staff and help decide the focus for fundraising activities and community events. The Committee roles are:

President:Chairs all P&C meetings and represents the P&C within the school community.
Secretary:Keeps records of all in-coming and out-going communications and takes and distributes minutes of all general meetings.
Treasurer:Keeps a record of and reports on all monies spent and received. Also, prepares and presents all material to the Auditor and presents the Audited Financial Statements at the AGM.
Vice-President, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer:Supports the primary position and acts in their role in their absence. Assistant Secretary also manages communications and promotions.
Preschool Representative:Provides a conduit for Preschool parents to put forward specific ideas. The role includes the coordination of the end of year celebration.
Fundraising Committee Coordinator:Responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts.
Grants Officer:Generally has experience or an interest in writing grant applications. Assists in seeking out and writing submissions for the various grants available within the ACT.
P&C Council Delegate:Represents Duffy Primary P&C at the ACT Council of P&C Associations’ meetings (two per term) and provides an update back to the P&C on topics of interest.
Ordinary Members:Any number of “Ordinary Members” may also be elected to the Committee. While not having an office bearer responsibility, these positions assist and promote the objectives of the Duffy Primary P&C and participate in P&C run events.

Current Committee Members

President:To be filledduffypandc@gmail.com
Vice-Presidents:Shannon Collins 
Secretary:To be filledsecretary@duffypandc.org.au
Assistant Secretary:To be filled 
Treasurer:Paul Gardnertreasurer@duffypandc.org.au
Assistant Treasurer:Nadia Colley 
Delegate to the ACT Council of P&C Associations:To be filled 
Preschool Representative:Jocelyn Williams-Flannagan 
Fundraising Committee Coordinator:Rachel Wells, Nadia Colley 
Grants Officer:Fran Hadlington 
Uniform Shop Coordinator:Lucy Carlileuniform@duffypandc.org.au
Ordinary Members:Kate Daly, Corinne Tarnawsky