The P&C AGM will be held on Wednesday 25 February at 7pm in the school library, followed immediately by the first general meeting for the year.  The agendas will be available from our website two days prior to the meetings, and if you have any items you would like to add to the general meeting agenda please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view 5pm Friday 20 February.

We will be electing a new Executive Committee for the upcoming school year at the AGM – the positions below are office bearers of the P&C and will attend the majority of P&C meetings (two per term) and are occasionally called upon to make quick "out of session" decisions in-between meetings.

Being an office bearer in the P&C is a rewarding experience as you get to work closely with the Executive teaching staff and help decide the focus for fundraising activities and community events.

The office bearer Executive Committee positions for 2015 are:

President - The President's role is to chair all P&C meetings and represent the P&C within the school community. 

Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for keeping records of all in-coming and out-going communications and take and distribute minutes of all general meetings. 

Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible to keep a record of and report on all monies spent and received.  They are to prepare and present all material to the Auditor and present the Audited Financial Statements at the AGM.

Vice-President, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer - These roles are to support the primary position and act in their role in their absence.

Preschool Representative - The Preschool Representative is a conduit for the Preschool Teachers to put forward specific ideas about the needs of the Preschool Unit.  The role includes the coordination of the end of year celebration for the Preschool Unit.

Fundraising Committee Coordinator - This role is responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts.  We are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic person to investigate and pursue fundraising opportunities for Duffy Primary School.

Grants Officer - This is a new role we are looking to establish for a member with experience or an interest in writing grant applications.  There are many government grants available within the ACT and we need a person to assist in seeking these out and writing submissions.

P&C Council Delegate - This position represents Duffy Primary P&C at the ACT Council of P&C's meetings (two per term) and provides an update back to the P&C on topics of interest.

Other Executive Committee positions are:

Ordinary Members - Up to three “Ordinary Members" may also be elected to the Executive Committee.  While not having an office bearer responsibility, these positions assist and promote the objectives of the Duffy Primary P&C and participate in P&C run events.